10-14 June 2019 | Shangri-La Hotel | Bangkok, Thailand

Sponsored Events – TNC – GSI

Sponsored Event:

Future of Aquaculture: Stay the Course or Time to Get Radical?


Sponsored by: The Nature Conservancy and GSI


Wednesday, 20 June | 8:00 (breakfast from 7:30)
Room: Granados

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A frank discussion on reconciling worries about the environmental costs of aquaculture with enthusiasm for its role in feeding the world.

Supporters laud aquaculture as a resource efficient form of food production with vast potential to improve food security and support coastal economies. Critics warn that the negative externalities of aquaculture cannot be responsibly managed and that rapid industry growth will continue to threaten habitats and biodiversity.

In this short and focused session, we will discuss the future of aquaculture. Will it be sufficient to stay the course with incremental improvements or are radical changes necessary to ensure a more sustainable future for nature and people? Can the industry grow responsibly while addressing negative impacts? What tools and mechanisms are available to ensure environmental safeguards are maintained? Is it practical to work issue-by-issue, or should we be looking to work at a large-scale – sector-by-sector or region-by-region? This session will explore a number of approaches being implemented which hope to change the future trajectory of the industry by setting ambitious goals and uniting various players with a shared vision of responsible growth.

Key take-aways from this session will be an improved understanding of the 5-year outlook for the aquaculture sector, greater insights into concrete changes needed for the industry to be part of the solution to tomorrow’s challenges.


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