Shunji Murakami

Shunji Murakami

COO and Vice President - Seafood Legacy


Shunji Murakami directs and manages the strategic development and implementation of programs at Seafood Legacy as COO/ Vice President. He maintains strong relationships with Japanese fishery communities, seafood business, local and national governments, and key Japanese NGOs, working closely with these stakeholders to co-develop solutions that lead to improved fishing practices and improved fishery-based livelihoods. Responsible for the launch Japan’s first ever FIP and AIP, he has pioneered the improvement models in Japan. He has served as a moderator and panelist on numerous domestic and international sustainable seafood forums such as the SeaWeb Seafood Summit, etc. Prior to Seafood Legacy, Shunji led the Japan Program for Wild Salmon Center and Ocean Outcomes as Japan Program Director where he worked with wide range of stakeholders from fishery to government on fisheries improvements.

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