Rui Bing Zheng

Rui Bing Zheng

Seafood Supply Chain Manager - Fair Trade USA


Rui Bing Zheng is Fair Trade USA’s Seafood Supply Chain Manager. She partners with fishery groups and suppliers globally to achieve and maintain certification, and to maximize the benefits of the Fair Trade program. She works directly with a variety of actors throughout the value chain, from fishers to retailers. Prior to joining Fair Trade USA in 2013, Rui Bing spent a decade in advocacy and community development. She worked at the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, which brought together labor groups, faith networks and low-income workers to advance progressive policies for working families, such as securing community benefits agreements for large-scale development projects and increasing the City of Oakland’s minimum wage. Rui Bing holds a BA in Literature and Language from Middlebury College and is passionate about worker dignity, economic equity, and sustainable and ethically sourced seafood.

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