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Peter Hajipieris

Peter Hajipieris

Seafish Board Non Exec Industry Member -


Peter Hajipieris has over 28 years’ experience gained in the fresh and frozen food and seafood sectors holding management roles across governmental agency, policy, manufacturing and supermarketing sectors. Peter has held senior commercial, technical and corporate responsibility roles with McDonald’s, Seafish UK, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Tesco Stores, Iglo Foods Group and Nomad Foods Europe. Known as a champion of Sustainable Development, Peter has led many verification platforms to improve standards, supply chain resilience and natural capital whilst being the architect behind the design and implementation of international food brand integrated sustainability programmes.

Within the seafood sector, he was the originator behind the IFFO RS fishmeal and fishoil standard, the first industry sector member on the ASC Supervisory Board where he served six years and led the adoption by international food brands of the ASC, MSC, BAP and IFFO RS standards. Peter has advised the UN FAO, OECD, EU Commission, European Governments and Foundations on supply chain sustainability and consumer strategy and served on expert panels worldwide. Peter is a Non-Executive Industry Board member for Seafish UK and a Supervisory Board Member for the Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative (GSSI) and currently leads a global food strategy consultancy.

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