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Miguel Nuevo

Miguel Nuevo

Desk Manager EU Waters and North Atlantic - European Fisheries Control Agency


Miguel Nuevo was born in Seville, Spain, last century around the time when The Beatles broke up. Starting in the 1990s, his education and over 25 years long experience have always been related to fish and fisheries with a crucial international component.

Nuevo completed his BSc in Zoology and very soon specialized in fisheries and aquaculture. His MSc in Fisheries Management and Fish Stocks Assessment completed his specialization and from then on he has been dedicated fully to fisheries-related issues. As a researcher for his University (SIUC) and for the Fish and Wildlife Service, his research interests during that period were invasive species, age and growth studies using otoliths, scales, and spines, and telemetry studies. 

Nuevo worked for 3 years as a researcher at a public institute in the Madrid on fish genetics (population differentiation using PCR analysis) and then for 3 more years at the University of Madrid mainly on fisheries management and conservation. He left his PhD research to go to Brussels in 2006.

Since Nuevo returned from the USA, he had worked for the European Commission as an expert/consultant for DG FISH and DG Research. He was recruited as a Scientific Officer for DG RTD in the area of management of marine resources and marine ecosystems, managing calls for proposals, evaluation, monitoring and follow up of research projects. His assignment involved the management of large scale projects and working with organizations and DGs with links with the marine environment. In particular, he regularly dealt with ICES, FAO, UNESCO, IUCN, and most research institutes across the EU, and especially with DG MARE and DG ENV on a variety of marine topics and fisheries related issues.

Nuevo moved from the European Commission to the European Fisheries Control Agency in 2008, when the agency was created. During the past 10 years, he has taken part in the development and establishment of the Agency, where he's managed different dossiers: first as Desk Manager for combating IUU fishing, then managing the training and developing a Core Curricula for EU fisheries inspectors, and currently as a Desk Manager for EU Waters and Regional Cooperation, involving the assistance to Member States and the EC on the implementation of the new CFP (i.e. Landing Obligation and Regionalisation). 

His current work is in brief to contribute towards ensuring the compliance of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy and to assist Member States and the European Commission to implement the rules in a uniform and effective way.

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