Matt Watson

Matt Watson

Fisheries Manager - Marine Stewardship Council


Matt Watson is the Oceania and South-East Asia Fisheries Manager who works with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to support the organisations vision and mission of ‘healthy oceans and sustainable seafood for this and future generations’. Matt’s role is to lead and facilitate a conversation around sustainable to better understand the needs of stakeholders in the region.

Matt believes in the power of a credible standard and certification scheme in facilitating change and empowering consumers to in turn recognise and reward sustainable fishers. By finding common ground across contrasting stakeholder groups, it is possible to work towards sustainability goals at a pre-competitive level. This attitude ultimately benefits all interested stakeholders. Matt strongly believes that to have a better understanding of an individual needs across disparate stakeholder groups, we need to lead with stronger communication and advocacy of the human story across the fishing industry.

Before working with the MSC, Matt worked with the UK government as a Fisheries Officer, engaging with the fishing community across a variety of complex management and conservation issues. Since working with the UK government, Matt has been in a stronger position to determine stakeholder needs and support management change against an ecosystem based fisheries management approach.

Matt has a BSc in Oceanography and Physical Geography from Southampton University in the UK and is currently undertaking further study with a Masters in Sustainability and Climate Policy at Curtin University (Western Australia). Matt has recently completed the Australian National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (2016). Matt continues to hold a commercial fishing licence and intends to get out to sea and get involved in fishing whenever the opportunity arises.

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