Kimberly Rogovin

Kimberly Rogovin

Senior Seafood Campaign Coordinator - International Labor Rights Forum


Kimberly Rogovin is the Senior Seafood Campaign Coordinator at the International Labor Rights Forum, leading the organization's ongoing program to advance workers’ rights in the global seafood industry. With nearly a decade of experience working on labor rights, migration and human trafficking issues in Asia, Kimberly has managed programs at the ILO in Myanmar on internal labor trafficking; at the Karen Human Rights Group on human rights violations affecting people in Southeastern Myanmar; and at the Issara Institute, where she led research, worker voice and technology initiatives to support Myanmar, Cambodian and Lao migrant workers in Thailand. Kimberly has authored several publications for the ILO, including on complaints mechanisms for overseas migrants from Myanmar and on the prevalence of human trafficking and forced labor among more than 7,000 internal labor migrants in Myanmar. Kimberly served as an advisor for the ILO Guidelines Concerning the Measurement of Forced Labour released in 2018. She holds an M.A. in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University in New York.

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