Helen Packer

Helen Packer

Science & Sustainability Coordinator - Fishing & Living/Anova Food USA


With a BSc in Marine Biology from Swansea University (UK) and a MSc in Fisheries Resource Management from Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Helen Packer has been with Anova Food USA’s since 2014 managing the Fishing & Living program, a social and environmental initiative that works with Anova’s supply chains to improve environmental and social aspects of the industry. Fishing & Living is based on a pro-active, holistic and collaborative approach to improvements. This means that it engages in a variety of activities from the direct implementation of best fishing practices, data collection, advocacy with governments and community projects. Through this program, Helen works alongside a variety of stakeholders such as NGOs, private sector companies and fisheries managers. In September 2016, Helen started a PhD at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) to better understand the business case for corporate sustainability and how companies can further integrate sustainability in their business model.

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