Gerald Knecht

Gerald Knecht

CEO - North Atlantic, Inc / Bali Seafood International


Gerald Knecht is the president and founder of North Atlantic, Inc and Bali Seafood International. Presently his responsibilities include developing and implementing strategic vision and growth for both companies. He is active in daily management, business model implementation, and business development. He is the majority stock holder and an industry veteran with 39 years of operating experience in many segments of the seafood industry. He began his career in the seafood business in 1981 as a fleet operator of five large New England groundfish trawlers. In order to add value to the company, he integrated forward in 1984 and began to develop innovative ways of extending shelf life and selling whole fresh fish directly to supermarkets. As industry regulations began to mount and consumer trends changed the company once again integrated forward and began processing captive raw material from its own fleet. Innovation around increasing shelf life of both raw material and finished goods continued and the company was recognised nationally for these and other innovations.

For the past 10 years, Gerald has been developing and implementing an end-to-end supply chain, managing village development, and introducing a triple bottom line approach across the small boat fishers in Indonesia. Together with equity and debt partners our companies have developed a business model with, industry, government, and non-governmental organisations in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago to help develop community based fisheries management, responsibly harvested fisheries and social impact. The fundamental goal is to develop a sustainable supply in Indonesia to service both international and domestic markets requiring fully traceability and managed sources while addressing poverty alleviation, livelihood creation, and fisheries conservation at source fisheries. The model is achieving international recognition as a pathway forward to supporting, managing, and developing small scale fisheries in the emerging world.

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Plenary: Seafood Companies & a “DIY” Approach to Sustainability

12 June 2019
11:00 - 12:00
Grand Ballroom II & III
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