Dr. Darian McBain

Dr. Darian McBain

Global Director of Sustainable Development - Thai Union


As the global director of sustainable development at Thai Union, Darian McBain is focused on implementing change that will drive sustainability through the entire global seafood industry. Working in partnership with a wide range of NGOs, she develops programs designed to manage the environmental and social impacts of the sector.

Darian’s role at Thai Union has taken the company from a commodity focus to a holistic ecosystem approach with a focus on oceans and people. Working within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Darian developed and has driven Thai Union’s sustainability strategy SeaChange® since its inception. The sustainability strategy addresses many of the sustainability challenges that Thai Union and the wider industry face.

Darian holds a PHD in global supply chain analysis from the University of Sydney and remains an adjunct to the university’s Integrated Sustainability Analysis unit. She has published numerous academic articles and books Before joining Thai Union, she was Managing Director of the consultancy Blue Sky Green, Sustainable Development Executive for the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency and worked for the UN as well as WWF. In 2017 she was named Edie Sustainability Leader of the Year, and awarded Thai Union’s Most Exceptional Effort Award. In 2018 she received Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Leader of the Year.

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