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Chris Haacke

Chris Haacke

Global Aquaculture Lead - Corbion - Algae Ingredients


Chris Haacke joined Corbion N.V. as Global Aquaculture Lead in 2017 to help bring a new traceable, sustainable, high quality source of marine Omega 3's to the aquaculture industry. With the FAO’s projection for population growth, aquaculture will be key in feeding this growing population as the most efficient form of protein production. New sources of marine Omega 3’s are being made available at scale for aquaculture feed and will be critical to the successful, sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.

Prior to joining Corbion N.V., Chris spent over 10 years at MSD Animal Health Aquaculture as Global Marketing Manager/Director and was responsible for MSD Animal Health's line of vaccines and medicines for Aquatic Animals. These included vaccines for Salmon in both Europe and Chile, European rainbow trout, Mediterranean sea bass and bream, Asian sea bass, Tilapia & Shrimp in both Asia and South America. As part of his role, Chris helped lay the ground work and educating farmers in emerging aquaculture species as to the benefits of integrated health management. An important part of this included demonstrating the multiple benefits of how reducing the reliance on chemical treatments and other medicines could improve animal welfare and help farmers develop more sustainable businesses from both an environmental and financial perspective.

Chris came out of University in 1996 straight into the Aquaculture/Seafood industry working for Lighthouse of Scotland, one of the major salmon farms on the west coast of Scotland and part of the Norwegian multinational group Pan Fish ASA. He was with Pan Fish for a total of 9 years, the majority of which were as sales and marketing director where he helped broaden the companies reach, growing sales further afield into Japan and SE Asia as well as the US.

Chris received his M.B.A, Master of Business Administration, from University of Surrey in 2005.

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