10-14 June 2019 | Shangri-La Hotel | Bangkok, Thailand

GSSI: Benchmarking and Beyond

13 June 2019
09:00 - 10:00

GSSI: Benchmarking and Beyond

For the last five years, GSSI has been at the forefront of creating global alignment in seafood certification. With seven certification schemes now GSSI-recognised, and 15+ companies including GSSI in global sourcing policies, GSSI is building on its vision of more sustainable seafood for everyone. Coming up next, GSSI’s Global Benchmark Tool version 2.0 is underway, and a new social benchmark is being developed with the Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative.

As one of the largest industry partnerships (80+ partner organisations and growing rapidly) spanning the entire seafood value chain, alongside the UN’s FAO, GSSI is driving forward its benchmarking success, and working to address wider global seafood sustainability challenges through its platform. Join in to hear the latest updates and shape the debate on the future of benchmarking and beyond.

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