Incentivizing Sustainable Seafood at the Ecosystem Scale: Exploring Jurisdictional Approaches

12 June 2019
16:45 - 17:45
Grand Ballroom II & III

Incentivizing Sustainable Seafood at the Ecosystem Scale: Exploring Jurisdictional Approaches

The sustainable seafood movement has grown from isolated campaigns to comprehensive market-based initiatives. The movement has had success at shifting portions of the seafood sector towards more sustainable production practices. However, to successfully transition a majority of the seafood sector, the movement must refocus its efforts and find ways to effectively bridge both market and policy-based approaches to institutionalize sustainable practices across seafood production systems. Adopting a jurisdictional approach to sustainable seafood presents a promising opportunity to realize such a transformation.

In this panel, we explore how the jurisdictional approach can be employed to accelerate the sustainable seafood movement, drawing on lessons learned from other sectors as well as examples from fisheries and aquaculture. A jurisdictional approach is an initiative that seeks to steer a sector towards sustainability by combining market- and policy-based approaches to improvement. Jurisdictional approaches are typically focused on a specific region, which is determined by the political scale at which critical governance decisions are made (and resources are managed), and seek to align diverse stakeholders (e.g. government, businesses, NGOs, and others) around common goals of economic development, supply chain stability, and improved environmental performance. By focusing on whole jurisdictions (production geographies) instead of individual producers, jurisdictional approaches also have the potential to quickly grow the scale and scope of sustainable initiatives and engage producers of all sizes.

This panel will feature experts from sectors, regions, and initiatives where jurisdictional approaches have been successfully utilized or where utilization is underway. The panel will discuss the benefits and strengths of the approach, relative to business as usual, as well as potential concerns and risks. The discussion will highlight how diverse stakeholders can best utilize and participate in the jurisdictional approach to transform diverse seafood sectors.

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