SEMINAR | Amplifying Worker Voice: Integrating Worker Engagement Approaches into Ethical Supply Chain Management

Facilitator: Tobias Aguirre, CEO, FishWise & Jen Cole, Project Director, FishWise

Sponsored by Humanity United and The Freedom Fund

Monday, 10 June 2019 | 13:00 – 17:30

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This not-to-be-missed interactive seminar will expand the sustainable seafood community’s understanding of the benefits of and pathways to ethical worker feedback, engagement, and participation through conversations with workers, case studies, working groups, and expert guidance. Globalization has profoundly influenced how companies do business, making transparency regarding fair working conditions more complex. Companies, labor experts, and seafood stakeholders are exploring how worker engagement mechanisms can benefit business operations while improving worker well-being.

The session intends to share the experiences of workers and explore how to improve conditions in seafood supply chains. Moving between plenary and breakout formats to maximize discussion, group problem solving, and action planning, the session will be moderated by speakers with strong technical understanding of worker engagement models as well as the realities of the seafood sector. Participants will take away concrete steps that will assist business and organizations to create or strengthen social responsibility commitments and implement best practices for worker engagement.

Join other international stakeholders and explore collaborative efforts to create meaningful connection between those managing supply chains and the people working within them!

Session Overview

I. Ghost Fleet Film
The seminar will launch with a clip from the film ‘Ghost Fleet,’ which follows a small group of activists supporting justice and freedom for fishermen who have encountered human trafficking and forced labor from working in seafood supply chains. After the viewing, two labor rights advocates featured in the film – Patima Tungpuchayakul and Tun Lin – will share more about the work of their organization Labor Rights Promotion Network and answer audience questions.

II. Initiating Change: Worker Feedback, Engagement, and Participation
After being introduced to some of the issues facing global seafood supply chains through ‘Ghost Fleet’, FishWise and other organizations will introduce key concepts, opportunities, and challenges related to worker feedback, engagement, and participation. Experts will present on the opportunities and challenges in the worker voice space, as well as the importance of a legally enabling environment in supporting worker representation.

III. Supporting Worker Voice and Agency: A Multi-Stakeholder Discussion
Support for worker voice and agency requires action from various stakeholders. Listen to insights from government representatives, international advocacy organizations, and other experts about their efforts to support workers’ rights in the global seafood sector.

IV. Improving Labor Conditions in Seafood
Hear from welfare committees or workers about their experiences working in seafood supply chains, the improvements and pathways forward that have mattered most, the challenges workers face when they seek to file claims, and what else is still needed to protect human and labor rights.

V. Enabling Worker Grievances and Agency: Implementing Initiatives
Multiple organizations who have implemented initiatives in their own supply chains will share their incentives, lessons learned, and challenges in enacting programs or platforms for worker voice.

VI. Worker Engagement Strategies: A Breakout Activity
Through breakout activities, participants will deepen their understanding of worker feedback, engagement, and participation, as well as the roles and actions that each stakeholder group can take to support worker voice. Participants will identify a few next steps for supporting or implementing worker voice through their own organization.

VII. Amplifying Worker Voice Together: Next Steps for the Seafood Sector
The session will close with a summary of the key messages and next steps identified by the panelists and participants through the breakout activity.

*Seminar subject to change – please check back periodically for updates*

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