10-14 June 2019 | Shangri-La Hotel | Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Program

2019 Conference Program

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10 June 2019
Day 2
11 June 2019
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12 June 2019
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13 June 2019
Day 5
14 June 2019

Seminar: Amplifying Worker Voice: Integrating Technology and Worker Engagement into Ethical Supply Chain Management

Globalization has profoundly influenced how companies do business, making transparency regarding fair working conditions more complex. As advancements in technology open new opportunities, industry leaders increasingly recognize the value of...
Aurora Alifano

Keynote: The Human Face of Sustainability: Empowering Fishers, Farmers, and Workers

Paul Rice is Founder and CEO of Fair Trade USA, the internationally-acclaimed social enterprise and leading certifier of Fair Trade products in North America. Since its launch in 1998, Fair...
Paul Rice

Plenary: Being Inclusive Without Being Exclusive: How to Make Supply Chains Work for Everyone

This plenary will look at successful examples from seafood and other industries of supply chains that are working for everyone involved – producers, supply chain companies, and consumers and explore:...
Paul Rice
Sarah Hogan
Richard Welford

Plenary: Out of the Shadows: Combatting IUU Fishing Through A Rapid Increase in Transparency

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing costs countries around the world between US$10 and 23.5 billion every year. IUU fishing not only degrades the marine environment, exhausting fish stocks and destroying...
Steve Trent
Adisorn Promthep

Offsite Field Trip: Thailand Department of Fisheries Monitoring Center

Join fellow Summit attendees for a visit to the Thailand Department of Fisheries monitoring center (FMC). The FMC is the principal unit for monitoring and surveillance of Thai fishing vessels...

Offsite Field Trip: Thai Union Innovation Center

Sponsored by Thai Union Join fellow Summit attendees for a visit to the Thai Union Global Innovation Center which is driven by a deep exploration of outside-the-box ideas, and a...

Workshop: Money Matters: How Do We Pay for Social and Environmental Sustainability?

There are multiple factors that drive the sustainable seafood movement forward, and money is an important one. How are purchasing, investments and funding decisions made in support of healthy stocks...
Kama Dean Fitz
Helen Packer

Plenary: Seafood Companies & a “DIY” Approach to Sustainability

The landscape of sustainable seafood is more dynamic and is changing faster than ever before, yet resources to support businesses that sell seafood are still lacking. While larger seafood businesses...
Gerald Knecht

Workshop: Advancing Human Rights in Responsible Aquaculture

Aquaculture has become increasingly important to the global supply of fish and is now supplying more than half of the fish used for human consumption. While the aquaculture sector is...
Avery Siciliano
Froukje Kruijssen

True Facts or Fake News? Monitoring and Verification in the Data-Driven Future of Seafood

The digital revolution is arriving full force in the seafood sector. With the rapid emergence of powerful new technologies—from innovative electronic fisheries monitoring devices through blockchain platform solutions—the availability of...
David Schorr

Lightning Rounds

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The Power of Collaboration in Driving Improvements in Feed Fisheries through FIPs

The rise in the importance of aquaculture globally and the growing demand for compliant marine ingredients has increased pressure on the market to find marine ingredient sources that are independently...

Lightning Rounds

Click here for full Lightning Round session information.

Incentivizing Sustainable Seafood at the Ecosystem Scale: Exploring Jurisdictional Approaches

The sustainable seafood movement has grown from isolated campaigns to comprehensive market-based initiatives. The movement has had success at shifting portions of the seafood sector towards more sustainable production practices....
Dane Klinger
Darian McBain

Workshop: Building momentum for FIPs in SE Asia

The stepwise approach to MSC offered by the Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) model typically relies on market-based incentives, which in turn have been most effective for fisheries with strong export...
Geoffrey Muldoon

Ingraining Sustainability in the USA Brand – Working together for shared market success in Southeast Asia

Panelists will discuss how and why American seafood companies from throughout the country have come together in the Southeast Asia market to present all USA seafood as high quality and...
Susan Marks
Kevin Gantner

Tackling Marine Debris Across Southeast Asia

Marine and coastal debris in the form of household consumer garbage, industrial waste, and fishing net discards are a problem that affects both natural ecosystems and the animals that live...

Work in Fishing from the Far End of the Supply Chain

This discussion will look hard at changes in the Thai industry from the Thai perspective—workers, suppliers, and regulators. The ILO’s Ship to Shore Rights Project knows the scene intimately and...
Jason Judd

Overcoming Barriers to Change Within Fishery Management Systems

The aim of this session is to examine the barriers to change that exist, outside of the usual technical challenges of data collection, management rules and enforcement, that interfere with...

GSSI: Benchmarking and Beyond

For the last five years, GSSI has been at the forefront of creating global alignment in seafood certification. With seven certification schemes now GSSI-recognised, and 15+ companies including GSSI in...
Herman Wisse
Darian McBain
Flavio Corsin
Jennifer Kemmerly

Unlocking Value in Seafood Supply Chains to Connect to New Markets

The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) is a burgeoning regional collaboration between private sector stakeholders from Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam who have come together to tackle...
Corey Peet
Harry Yuli Susanto

Innovation in Action: the Journey towards Incorporating Novel Feed Ingredients and Engaging Consumers

At the 2018 SeaWeb Seafood Summit, an exciting panel was featured - "Shaping a Sustainable Future for Aquaculture Feeds". It addressed the fact that Aquaculture is now the fastest growing...
Allan LeBlanc

Leading the Way Through Collaboration – How Organizations Work Together to Drive Positive Change

Many companies have developed initiatives to address seafood supply chain issues, but collaboration among companies, non-governmental organizations and other key stakeholders can help sharpen focus, coordinate efforts and scale impact...
John Connelly
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