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2016 Workshop | Social Responsibility in Seafood

Sunday, 31 January 2016 | 14:00 – 18:00

Moderated by Seafish – Dr. Tom Pickerell, Kevin Hyland

Price: US$145 per ticket

There are growing concerns regarding unethical practices within global seafood supply chains, with an increasing number of high profile cases of human rights abuse featured in the media. This has highlighted the need for transparency in the seafood sector across the complete supply chain network, from catch to plate.

Since summer 2014 the UK industry, facilitated by Seafish, has become actively engaged in this area and has introduced a series of work areas to help the industry achieve the goal of eliminating unethical practices from the national and international supply chains that provide seafood to the UK market. As this work has developed, we have become increasingly aware of existing and proposed initiatives from across the globe; some duplicative, many novel, some industry-led, others NGO programmes and several collaborative.

For a seafood buyer, this landscape can appear confusing and result in delayed action.

We believe we are at a tipping point whereby major change could occur globally through joint action. To assist this, there needs to be consideration given to aligning the efforts being made by various organisations, through initiatives and guidance being established across the world to ensure action is complementary and synergistic.

Purpose of the workshop:

  • To present the different initiatives that are ongoing, or in preparation, that aim to reduce/eliminate social/ethical concerns in the seafood industry
  • To map these initiatives to the supply chain network to demonstrate where the impact/change would occur

Outputs from the workshop:

  • An understanding of where duplication and redundancy occurs enabling downstream collaboration/exiting
  • A determination of where gaps occur enabling targeted future work
  • Foundations for development of a global tool-kit/one-stop-shop for seafood buyers seeking assistance on ensuring ethical seafood sourcing

Who should attend?

  • Organizations/individuals interested in understanding more about social responsibility in seafood supply chains
  • Organizations/individuals working in the field of social responsibility in seafood supply chains
  • Seafood buyers




Dr. Tom Pickerell

Dr. Tom Pickerell joined Seafish, the UK Seafood Authority, in July 2013 after moving from California where he was the Senior Science Manager for the Seafood Watch program at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Before working in Monterey Tom worked at the Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB) where he managed the UK Shellfish Industry Development Strategy (SIDS) and later became the Director. Before joining the SAGB he was the Fisheries Policy Officer at WWF UK and also worked in a variety of roles in UK Government in the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). Tom sits on a number of expert and advisory groups including Alaskan Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Scheme Conformance Compliance Committee, the Fisheries Innovation Scotland Technical Advisory Committee, and was Vice-Chair of the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) Process Expert Working Group. He has a degree in Marine Biology, a master’s degree in Analytical Biology and a PhD in shellfish aquaculture.

Kevin Hyland

Kevin Hyland OBE is the first UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, as appointed by the Home Secretary. The creation of the Commissioner role is one of the key provisions of the landmark Modern Slavery Act, which received Royal Assent in March 2015. In his new capacity, Mr Hyland will spearhead the UK’s fight against modern slavery, with a concerted focus on strengthening law enforcement efforts in the UK and internationally, ensuring that public authorities identify and support victims effectively, and working to prevent modern slavery crimes from occurring in the first place, both in the UK and other source countries.

Prior to undertaking this role, Mr Hyland was head of the Metropolitan Police’s Human Trafficking Unit, which was internationally recognised for developing best practice in anti-trafficking operations. He has over 30 years experience investigating organised crime and has been successful in securing convictions in some of the most challenging cases of slavery and trafficking. Mr Hyland was also instrumental in the establishment of the Santa Marta Group, a high-level strategic partnership between international law enforcement agencies, the Catholic Church and civil society, which was launched at the Vatican by Pope Francis in 2014.

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