June 5-7, 2017 | The Westin Seattle | Seattle, WA - USA

Conference Highlights

2017 Conference Highlights

Evolving Today’s Trends into Tomorrow’s Sustainable Markets

Seafood has seen significant advances in the uptake of sustainable products and practices in the last 20 years with hundreds of sustainable seafood initiatives operating globally today. The Summit will continue to advance and explore pertinent topics and the future strategic, business, and market implications of trends and developments in sustainable seafood.

Conference Topics* Include:

*Subject to change


Session Titles* Include:
– “Consumer Engagement: Hungry for Story, Trust and Transparency in Seafood Brands
– “Embedding Sustainable Seafood Programs in the Retail Sector for the Long Haul


Session Titles* Include:
– “How FIPS in Latin America Respond to the New Market Trends
– “Tackling the Drivers of IUU Fishing and Human Rights Abuses in Asia
– “Integrity of FIP Supply Chains: Why Traceability Matters and What Solutions Exist
– “Are You Willing to Pay More for Scrupulous Seafood?


Session Titles* Include:
– “The Effect of Aquaculture on World Fish Supplies – 20 Years On
– “Mind the GAP: Exploring Key Elements to Disrupt the Shrimp Aquaculture Supply Chain to Foster Real Change and a New Reality
– “Needs, Opportunities, and Challenges in Increasing Sustainability of Chinese Fisheries and Aquaculture


Session Titles* Include:
– “Credibility and Innovation in Seafood Ratings and Labels
– “GSSI – Benchmarking and the Certification Landscape

Small Scale

Session Titles* Include:
– “Fisherman-Led Management Reform: Swedish Fishermen rise to the Challenge of Implementing the Discard Ban
– “The Business Case for Supporting Small-Scale Fisheries: How to Make Environmental and Social Responsibility Sell
– “The Many Values of Indigenous Sustainable Seafood


Session Titles* Include:
– “The Plastic Food Chain and the Seafood Industry Link

Traceability and Transparency

Session Titles* Include:
– “Delivering Trusted and Transparent Fishing Vessel Standards through Cost Effective Audits – Learnings from the Quayside and the Deck
– “‘Where Did You Get That Fish?’ – A New Trend for Transparency in the Seafood Industry
– “Cooperative Traceability: Pre-Competitive Solutions for Full-Chain Traceability
– “Towards a Common Understanding of Social Sustainability in Seafood Supply Chains: Innovative Approaches and Ongoing Processes
– “Finding the One? How to Pick a Traceability Provider… or Providers

Seafood Business/Management

Session Titles* Include:
– “Moving Beyond Fishery Certification: Using Collaboration, Technology and Innovation to Further Improve Sustainability
– “Advancing Bycatch Reduction Now and into the Future
– “Selling Sustainability: Building the Business
– “Fish for Thought – the Role of Sustainable Fisheries in Global and Regional Food Security


Session Titles* Include:
– “Progress and Promise in Developing an Investment and Finance Toolkit for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture


Session Titles* Include:
– “Using Markets to Broker Fisheries Reform in Asia – Taking the Long Term View and Spreading the Net to Increase Participation
– “Lessons Learned: Overcoming Business and NGO Challenges in the Asian Market

Climate Change

Session Titles* Include:
– “Adaptation and Infrastructure: Fisheries and Aquaculture in a Changing Climate

And many more topics! FOR MORE INFORMATION, see the Full Conference Program or Schedule at a Glance.

Featured Speakers*:

*Subject to change

Ashley Apel, Fair Trade USA
Adam Baske, International Pole and Line Foundation
Karl Bratvold, Starbound
Brett Dow Bremser, Hy-Vee, Inc.
René Benguerel, Blueyou Consulting LTD
Mariah Boyle, FishWise
Stephanie Bradley, WWF
Tony Craig, Terra Moana
Elena Conterno, National Fisheries Society
Mariaeleonora D’Andrea, UN Food and Agriculture Organ
Bill DiMento, High Liner
Richard F. Draves, American Seafoods Group/ American Marine Ingredients
Eric Enno Tamm, ThisFish
Tim Fitzgerald, Environmental Defense Fund
John Goodlad, Havsea Ltd
Ernesto Godelman, CeDePesca
Sam Grimley, Sustinable Fisheries Partnership
Wakao Hanaoka, Seafood Legacy
Martin Haulena, Vancouver Aquarium
Ray Hilborn, University of Washington
Ian Hunhao Chen, Fujian Yingfeng Foods Group Co.,ltd
Rob Johnson, SeaPact
Dick Jones, Ocean Outcomes
Jennifer Kemmerly, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Allen Kimball, Trident Seafoods Corporation
Jack Kittinger, Conservation International
Robert Logan Kock,
Santa Monica Seafood

Lara Koritzke, iSeal
Jessica Landman, Environmental Defense Fund
Duncan Leadbitter, Fish Matter
Dan Lee, Global Aquaculture Alliance
Blake Lee-Harwood, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
Sara Lewis, FishWise
Richard L. Merrick, NOAA
Corey Peet, Asian Seafood Improvement Collab
Brian Perkins, Marine Stewardship Council
Fang Qing, Aquaculture Stewardship Council
Peter Ross, Vancouver Aquarium
Adriana Sanchez, Sea Delight, LLC
Lesley Sander, Sodexo
Mark Spalding, The Ocean Foundation
Charles Steinback
, Future of Fish
Tj Tate, National Aquarium
Steve Trent
, Environmental Justice Foundation
Guisella Viviana Muñoz Ibarra, CeDePesca
Kelly Wachowicz, Catch Invest
Songlin Wang, Ocean Outcomes
Andrea K. Weber, METRO AG Wholesale & Food Specialist Company
Niklas Wehner, GSSI
Bill Wareham, The David Suzuki Foundation
Natalie Webster, American Albacore Fishing Association
Peter Woon, Ecohub Global
James Wright, Global Aquaculture Alliance

And many more!

Pre-Conference Workshop: The Future of Pre-Competative Collaboration**

Subject to change

This year’s workshop will look at how pre-competitive strategies are working in seafood and how they can be used to address new challenges and barriers to the uptake of sustainable practices in the future. The goal of the workshop is to give industry stakeholders, and the broader sustainable seafood community, a better understanding of how to apply pre-competitive strategies to their own work. Learn more >>

Conference Hours*:

*Subject to change

Pre-Conference Workshop**

June 4, 2017 | 1 pm – 5 pm


June 5-6, 2017 | 8:30 am – 5 pm

June 7, 2017 | 8:30 am – 4 pm

Field Trip**

June 8, 2017 | TBA


**There are additional costs to participate in the pre-conference events and field trips.

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