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Call for Proposals

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SeaWeb and Diversified Communications are accepting proposals to present at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit, June 5-7, 2017, in Seattle, WA – USA. Seafood Industry professionals, NGOs, government agencies, scientists, members of academic institutions, media, finance executives, seafood industry professionals, retailers, foodservice professionals, buyers and distributors are encouraged to submit conference program proposals that meet the requirements stated below.

About the Seafood Summit conference program:

For more than a decade, the SeaWeb Seafood Summit (“Summit”) has served as an instrumental event in building relationships among stakeholders and advancing discussions and solutions regarding sustainable seafood and ocean conservation issues.

Building on that foundation, SeaWeb and Diversified Communications will reinforce and strengthen the contributions that the Summit has made to the growth of the sustainable seafood movement and its positive impact on ocean health. By continuing the traditional role of this event, we will offer new ways for participants to engage with each other and advance solutions to these important issues.

The theme for the 2017 general conference program is:

“Evolving Today’s Trends into Tomorrow’s Sustainable Markets”

Seafood has seen significant advances in the uptake of sustainable products and practices in the last 20 years with hundreds of sustainable seafood initiatives operating globally today. The Summit will continue to advance and explore pertinent topics and the future strategic, business, and market implications of trends and advances in sustainable seafood.

Our goal is to deliver valuable sessions for Summit attendees that contribute to lasting change in the seafood industry. This year’s program will do this by focusing on identifying key trends impacting sustainable seafood, assessing the broader context in which we operate, and offering different perspectives on the success, challenges, and future of sustainable seafood. We encourage dialogue around the following topics:


The impact of market initiatives, climate, consumption, fisheries management, transparency, adaptation, and innovation


Health, climate, food security, market initiatives and pre-competitive collaboration, the human element, and how we apply science


Geographical, other industries and sectors, on the water, communications and story-telling, the consumer and transparency, what success looks like

Proposal Requirements:

We welcome proposals that:

  • Stimulate problem solving
  • Outline the future 5, 10, or 20 years out
  • Bring contrasting perspectives (debate-style)
  • Strengthen networks and collaboration
  • Provide replicable models for success

Presentation formats that promote audience engagement and interaction are highly encouraged.

Proposals will be chosen based on the quality of information presented, including:

  • Relevance of the session for defining success, advancing solutions and identifying ways to engage various stakeholders over the long term
  • Degree to which the information is practical in light of the current social, environmental and economic climate
  • Expertise of moderator, presenters and panelists

Proposals must include detailed methodology as to how the presenter will engage the audience and offer solutions.


This year the Summit will be accepting submissions for poster sessions as well as panel submissions. The focus of posters will be success stories in implementation of sustainable practices and planning including:

  • Examples of sustainability reporting and transparency
  • Planning for climate change impacts
  • Communicating the sustainable and health value of seafood
  • Pre-competitive collaboration
  • How we apply science

Proposals and Posters containing commercial or promotional content will not be accepted.

For more information, please contact:

Aly Stanton, Conference Project Manager

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